The Bailout and Tea?

Im not really a political person but recent events have me wondering…. Was tea served during the weekend pow-wow to figure out how to bailout our current financial situation? (Because Im “tea-centric” I think like this and tend to bring things back to how it relates to tea.) I think a pot of Sencha to create a zen-like atmosphere as they contemplated a decision that could send the country into a major recession if not a depression might have helped. (Not really but I can dream.)

Im thinking… probably not. Im thinking… barrels of coffee were wheeled in (along with Red Bull, Gin and carry-out from Old Ebbitt Grill). Maybe… an old box of Lipton made it into the room, who knows.

Im wondering… could tea make a difference in the world? Affect our decision-making abilities by making us more relaxed, centered and just plain happy? I want to yell out: “YES!” because Im a Pollyanna Tea Girl…. watching her 401k shrink by the minute…

Anyway…. Im sipping and reading…

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The Bailout and Tea?