Yoga Teapots and Cherry Blossoms


I love teapots. I have a giant collection of them and can’t stop buying new ones. I probably need to open a store just to showcase them all.

I ventured into teaware last fall. I’m picky about my pots so I made sure to test them over and over again. Sometimes you see a cute design, take it home and it drips when you pour. Me no likee. Or, the mesh infuser is too thin and bends making it impossible to use again. Me really no likee.

Then there are the ones that just dont hold enough water for teatime. You know, the ones that give you just one cup of tea. I need at least two per sitting.

I’ve been happy with the choice I made with regard to iPot Teapot and have decided to keep them around for a while. There are some others I’m testing out in the TeaLab, but I’m not ready to release just yet.

Recently I ordered some new designs. How cool are the ones with the yoga positions etched into the side? Love it. Will definitely keep a few for me. 🙂 I am offering them in 3 colors: Bamboo and Grape (tree pose) and Carribbean Blue (lotus pose). There are matching cups as well that make such a nice gift. Either for yourself or someone who loves tea and yoga.

I also just had to have the Cherry Blossom design which is simply gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. We are in Cherry Blossom Season here in DC so it just makes it all the more fitting.  It a also has a matching teapot.The duo is so feminine.

If you are subscribed to this blog or follow me on twitter, Im going to offer you tealove peeps 10% off both the Yoga design and the Cherry Blossoms if you order by April 5, 2009. Just use code: CB10 at checkout.

Happy Sipping! Happy Spring!

** If you live in the DC Metro Area, please come to the Woman’s Show of Northern Virginia April 3-5 at the Dulles Expo Center. Stop by and say hello. We’re in Booth 1019.

Yoga Teapots and Cherry Blossoms

Give The Gift of Tea… for 20% OFF!

gift the gift of tea
gift the gift of tea

It’s cyber-monday and we are doing our part to stimulate the economy by offering a 20% Discount on tea and teaware from today through December 24th! Just enter Code TLB20 at checkout! And… If you order totals more than $100, shipping is FREE!

Need suggestions on what teas to give? How about…

Earl Grey de la Creme or Earl Grey Lavender
Perfect for the Earl Grey lover who might be interested in trying something different. de la Creme is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla. Lavendar is light, refreshing and very aromatic. Both blend nicely with the oil of bergamot!

Counting Sheep
Know someone who needs to chill? Having trouble relaxing and falling asleep. We aren’t sleep doctors, but we have to admit… Counting Sheep seems to relax the TeaPeeps here at Pearl Fine Teas. The blend is light and fresh and has strong notes of citrus. The aromatherapy alone should have you sawing wood. Caffeine Free to promote total relaxation and a peaceful end to your day. Just don’t sip and drive with this blend… you could fall asleep behind the wheel!

Bora Bora
Did your plans for a tropical vacation fall by the wayside this year because of the economic climate? No worries. Sip Bora Bora and imagine yourself on a tropical island… sun warming your skin… We know its no substitute for a real vacation, but why not sip this healthy green tea blended with passionfruit to warm you from the inside out?

One of the most outstanding Ceylon teas you will ever drink. Our Ceylon is from Shawlands Estate in the Uva region of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Takes well to milk although best drunk black. Full bodied, soothing and complex. Superb!

Maojian is one of China’s most famous green teas, grown high in the mountains in misty tea gardens with brief sunlight and cold nights. The difficult conditions yield strong leaves that can withstand rolling and high roasting which creates its wonderful rich flavor and aroma. If you haven’t tried this green tea, you are missing something special.

Silver Needles
Long, soft and downy, Silver Needles are the first spring buds of the Da-Bai tea plant. It comes from Fuding, a serene region with soothing waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. The peaceful setting is reflected in the flavour: soft, mellow, with the sweet freshness of honeydew melon. A classic not to be dismissed.

How about a teapot to go with all this loose leaf tea? We’ve touted the virtues of the wonderful iPot and still stand by our recommendation. Choose from a 17 oz version in Scarlet, Jasmine, Pink, and Eggplant Damask. Or a 24 oz version in Scarlet, Pistachio, Ocean Blue, and Sky.

There’s a lot more tea on the website so have a peek!

Happy Sipping! Happy Shopping!

Give The Gift of Tea… for 20% OFF!

Steeping tea. In a Gravy Boat?

gravyboat-girlAs you may remember, we were at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show 2 weekends ago. I met so many wonderful tea people! It was a great event. These two lovely woman who’s names have escaped me were so interested in tea so we stood and spoke for quite a long while. They ended up buying a few bags of our super fabulous loose leaf. During the course of the discussion one of them asked me about tea pots and methods for steeping. I immediately went into teapot mode and shared with them some of most beloved pot, infusers and tea pillowcases. As I’m deep into my passionate conversation on pots, the woman on the right says, “I don’t need any of those. I steep my tea in a gravy boat.”

Dead silence. Disbelief. Followed by more silence, with a quick scan of the room and then…

24 oz Scarlet iPot
24 oz Scarlet iPot

A recommendation for an actual tea pot. I had never heard of anything like it! So creative! So unusual! And just a little bit odd, but in a good way. I believe I steered her in the right direction. We have a few nice options for steeping tea. The first being the fabulous iPot. Comes in many colors and 3 sizes. We carry the 17oz and 24oz. The larger of the two seems to be moving off the shelves pretty quick. We also have the Universal Infuser and the Ceramic Mug with Infuser. Both great investments. Now and again we carry the Globe British Tea pot, but they aren’t easy to find. They are classic. I happen to believe that investing in a good pot and/or infuser is really worth it if you are a true tea lover. Part of the fun and delight is not just the liquid, but what the liquid is held by.

I haven’t counted how many pots I personally have collected over the years, but I know its quite a bit. They are hidden all over my house and sometimes I’ll open a cabinet and be joyfully surprised that I forgot I had that particular one.

Whats not to love about a teapot??

If you have a teapot you love, send us a picture and we’ll post it on the blog!

Steeping tea. In a Gravy Boat?

Selling Tea at the MCES Show

booth #910
booth #910

What a weekend. What a week leading up to the weekend of November 8/9.  We are still officially… exhausted. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon and hot stone massages which is where I was on Monday, after the show.

As many of you already know, we had a booth (#910) at the Washington DC Metro Food & Entertaining Show on November 8th and 9th. I was also a key speaker on tea. With less than two weeks to prepare, we scrambled to try to get our booth together. The average nights sleep? 3 hours. Was it worth it? Absolutely. We met some many great people!

me on the floor during setup
me on the floor during setup

We arrived on Friday afternoon to begin set up. What we encountered was a fabulously placed booth (across from Beer, Wine & Spirits) with way too much pink decor. The entire show was outfitted in pink and white. Ordinarily I like pink, but for our booth it just didn’t work with our colors: orange, white and black. Something had to be done. Luckily, I had black fabric that we ended up draping over as much of the pink as we could. It took us about 4 hours to get everything set up and we still needed to return early in the morning to put the finishing touches on the booth.

timmy and david

We had 4 people in the booth: Tim, Timmy, David and myself. David represented Smith & Hawken, our sponsor for the show and for an upcoming Tea Tasting and Seminar called: “Tea in the Garden: Understanding Orchids and Orchid Oolong Tea.” We all were focused and completely TeaCentric. Timmy, who is 15, was our number one tea salesman. He was working that booth like a pro! Saturday began at 8am for us with the show opening at 10am. Crowds and crowds of people rushed through the convention center doors to sample gourmet foods, wine, spirits and of course, TEA. It was nonstop until the doors closed at 7pm. We had waves of people at our booth clamoring for our loose leaf tea. By 2pm we were sold out of our newest creativiTEA blend: Counting Sheep. We had people ordering off the website which was on back order as of Sunday. Luckily a new shipment arrived late today! Seemed that Chai Chai Christy (a rooibos based chai) was a big hit as well. Actually most of our rooibos based teas were moving along quite well.

17oz damask iPot

We almost completely sold out of our new tea pots! The 24 oz versions seem to be a favorite size. The hot colors for this fall seem to be: Eggplant, Damask, Scarlet, Ocean Blue, Pistachio and Ballet Pink! We came home with only a few colors: cocoa and gray! Our London Pottery Globe Tea pots were a big hit too and many Brits found there way to our booth and scoooped up all but 3 of these authentic English style pots. Our famous tea pillow cases caused quite a stir with people buying 2 and 3 packs at a time. I just knew this little japanese invention would be worthwhile. I dont leave home without my tea pillow cases!

Selling Tea at the MCES Show