Give The Gift of Tea… for 20% OFF!

gift the gift of tea
gift the gift of tea

It’s cyber-monday and we are doing our part to stimulate the economy by offering a 20% Discount on tea and teaware from today through December 24th! Just enter Code TLB20 at checkout! And… If you order totals more than $100, shipping is FREE!

Need suggestions on what teas to give? How about…

Earl Grey de la Creme or Earl Grey Lavender
Perfect for the Earl Grey lover who might be interested in trying something different. de la Creme is smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla. Lavendar is light, refreshing and very aromatic. Both blend nicely with the oil of bergamot!

Counting Sheep
Know someone who needs to chill? Having trouble relaxing and falling asleep. We aren’t sleep doctors, but we have to admit… Counting Sheep seems to relax the TeaPeeps here at Pearl Fine Teas. The blend is light and fresh and has strong notes of citrus. The aromatherapy alone should have you sawing wood. Caffeine Free to promote total relaxation and a peaceful end to your day. Just don’t sip and drive with this blend… you could fall asleep behind the wheel!

Bora Bora
Did your plans for a tropical vacation fall by the wayside this year because of the economic climate? No worries. Sip Bora Bora and imagine yourself on a tropical island… sun warming your skin… We know its no substitute for a real vacation, but why not sip this healthy green tea blended with passionfruit to warm you from the inside out?

One of the most outstanding Ceylon teas you will ever drink. Our Ceylon is from Shawlands Estate in the Uva region of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Takes well to milk although best drunk black. Full bodied, soothing and complex. Superb!

Maojian is one of China’s most famous green teas, grown high in the mountains in misty tea gardens with brief sunlight and cold nights. The difficult conditions yield strong leaves that can withstand rolling and high roasting which creates its wonderful rich flavor and aroma. If you haven’t tried this green tea, you are missing something special.

Silver Needles
Long, soft and downy, Silver Needles are the first spring buds of the Da-Bai tea plant. It comes from Fuding, a serene region with soothing waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. The peaceful setting is reflected in the flavour: soft, mellow, with the sweet freshness of honeydew melon. A classic not to be dismissed.

How about a teapot to go with all this loose leaf tea? We’ve touted the virtues of the wonderful iPot and still stand by our recommendation. Choose from a 17 oz version in Scarlet, Jasmine, Pink, and Eggplant Damask. Or a 24 oz version in Scarlet, Pistachio, Ocean Blue, and Sky.

There’s a lot more tea on the website so have a peek!

Happy Sipping! Happy Shopping!

Give The Gift of Tea… for 20% OFF!

Retire the Tea Ball

the dreaded tea ball
the dreaded tea ball

Anyone that knows me knows… I have opinions. On everything from organic cat food to global warming. I also have an opinion on the what I call: the dreaded tea ball.

A couple of times a week, I stand outside in the cold to meet people and talk about tea. Yes, I am “doing” a farmers market in Northern Virginia. What can I say… my beloved bookkeeper Glenn (a TeaPeep) is sort of a mover and shaker at the market and thought I would be a good fit. So I said, “Ok.” If you happen to live there, come by and say hello. I’ll be in Del Rey on Saturdays wearing my sunglasses and a very large fluffy black down coat. I’ll be sipping hot tea. Tangent. Sorry…

Often times people will ask me this question: “What should I use to brew my tea in?” First of all, if you read my post on “To Steep or To Brew?” you would know that the word “brew” is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So I answer like this: “What I like to use to STEEP my tea is…” and I share my opinion.

So what do I like to use? Certainly NOT the dreaded tea ball. I’m sure it came in handy during Victorian times and like, the 80s, but it’s 2008, TeaPeeps, we need to retire the ball. It doesn’t do the leaf justice. Leaves need room to stretch out and “breath.” The ball is too restrictive. Plus, its messy.

Universal Infuser

What I love are tea pots with built-in infusers (I will be blogging about this in a few days). I also like our Universal Tea Infuser. Love it. Have more than one. I also like the glass tea pot called Bora Bora by Bodum. And not just because it just happens to match the name of our super fabulous Bora Bora Green tea with passion fruit. Pure coincidence. Lastly, I really like our HuesNBrews tea pots. These pots work. Are easy on the eyes. Easy clean up. I’m partial to sunflower this year.

the tea "pillowcase"
tea pillowcase

I also really really love our tea pillow cases. That’s what I call them. I’m not a fan of the “tea sock”. Others love it. Not me. I don’t like that it hangs over the side of the cup. Don’t like that tea can sneak out. Yep.. the pillow case gets my vote. I also LOVE that I can make my own tea bags and bring them with me. I never leave home without tea. Seriously. I have special tea carry case. Does that make me a tea nerd? Absolutely. But at least I’m drinking some darn good tea and not something of lower quality.

What to do with your old tea ball? Honor it. Frame it. Hang it on your Christmas tree. Glue it to a pedestal, but please, retire the dreaded tea ball.

Do you have an opinion on the dreaded tea ball? I’d like to hear about it.

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Retire the Tea Ball