Worshiping Oolongs

I love oolong. I drink it morning, noon and night. I’m particularly fond of Oolongs from Taiwan. Could you call it an obsession? Hmm… probably. But there are worst thing, right? Today I’m blogging about a few people that I know who are just as mad about Oolong as I am.

Marilyn. My most beloved acupuncturist who has the warmest, most inviting treatment room in the city and is located in a favorite part of town: Cap Hill/Eastern Market. I’m always relaxed and in a good space after seeing her each week. She is a miracle worker and the results are profound. Those of us in advertising have the unfortunate dilemna of insomnia. Me included. Or rather it used to be me. Thanks to her tiny needles, I sleep just fine. One of the requests I get from her is: “Are you bringing Jade Oolong???” said in a very, well… “I need my oolong” kind of way. She goes through it fast. I’m happy to supply.

high mountain dong ding

Chandler. No, not the guy from Friends. The guy who comes down to talk to me at the Market on Wednesdays. Chandler walked up to me one day and said with excitement, “You have a 2nd flush Darjeeling???” My reply was, “Yeees. Do you know what a 2nd flush is?” He knew quite a bit about it. He bought Darjeeling and we got tea-chit-chatting and I mentioned Oolongs. His eyes sort of lit up when I shared with him that we had a Jade Oolong and a High Mountain Dong Ding. Immediately, he wanted the Dong Ding. I told him that I was taking it off the site for selfish reasons and that I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell anymore. I won’t say he begged, but I was convinced to part with 3 or 4 ounces. It’s now listed on the site as limited quantity. Which it is. This past week he came by to visit again and leaped at the Jade Oolong. I’ve no doubt he will love it. Chandler qualifies as a TeaPeep. We’re happy to have him as a customer. Thanks Chandler!

Teaescapade. Im proud to say we have a fan in teaescapade. Nikki is a tea enthusiast who blogs about tea, does reveiws and really stays connected with many people in the tea industry through her blog. We sent Nikki some samples of our teas to try and on October 5, 2008, she reviewed our Jade Oolong. Check it out and her blog too. She does very comprehensive reviews of teas. Thanks teaescapade!

So, rather than keep blogging Im headed down stairs from some Yellow Gold Oolong (Huang Jin Gui) but that’s another story.

Worshiping Oolongs