Introducing SIP. A New Tea Magazine!

pearl_SIPCOVER2I’ve been busy, peeps. Between design, tea, tastings, travel, orders, writing, teaching, expos, learning… and starting a tea magazine, you can see why my blog posts have been lacking!

Yes indeed I’m starting a new magazine called: SIP. A publication about liquid pleasure. That means tons of articles on tea (we might even sneak in some info now and then on wine!)

The launch date is scheduled for Fall 2009. An exact date has yet to be determined. We are still in the design and writing phase but are making headway. We will announce the date via Facebook, Twitter and of course the TeaLove® blog! It will be available for download on the Pearl Fine Teas website. It’s very exciting!

It’s a mag about things we sip that make us happy: like tea! Our first Issue will have information on Taiwanese Oolongs (my fav) along with new info on tea and health. There are a lot of exciting features and departments along with some very cool, hip info in the IN EVERY ISSUE section.

I think you will love this new source of info! We are also looking for contributors. Want to write for or advertise in SIP? Send us a note at: info@

Introducing SIP. A New Tea Magazine!