12 Teas to pair with 12 Christmas Movies

I haven’t posted since February. Busy year? I bit. So…

The first question I have about this holiday season is: how did this time go so fast? It seems the span of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was shorter this year. The second question is: Was your DVR on overdrive trying to catch holiday movies so you didn’t have to buy them on a streaming service? Yep.

Counting today, there are 12 days until Christmas Day and it’s now cram time. If you’re anything like me, binge watching Christmas movies (at least 1 per day) leading up to Christmas is a guilty pleasure. Extra points for an endless supply of tea and Christmas cookies, chocolate (what’s your favorite?), and a slice of pie. Or cake.

Below is a selection of some favorites and a recommendation for a tea to sip to as you watch! Let me know if you agree.

12. The Night Before. A highly underrated Christmas movie that’s pretty darn funny and is loaded with ugly Christmas sweaters.
Pair with: Chocolate Puerh

. . . . . . . . .

11. Fred Claus. Vince Vaughn as the troublesome brother of Santa Claus? Yes! It’s not one of the more popular picks, but we like it!
Pair with: Black Vanilla Bean or Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla (Caffeine-Free)

. . . . . . . . .

10. Elf. “I’m singing!! I’m in a store, and I am singing. I AM IN A STORE, AND I’M SINGING!” No other tea blend could be more perfect then our New England Blend which is for all the tea weirdos in the world!
Pair with: New England Blend

. . . . . . . . .

9. Four Christmases. I think most of us will admit to trying to bypass spending time away from family at least once in their lives. A second shout out to Vince Vaughn as Joseph is everything. And the one-liners? Epic!
Pair with: Naked Masala Chai

. . . . . . . . .

8. Love, Actually. Everyones favorite with the most heart wrenching stories from love lost to new love and everything in between. And… Hugh Grant actually drinks tea with a chocolate biscuit in the movie. (Bonus!)
Pair with: Ginger Rose/Healing Heart.

. . . . . . . . .

7. The Shop Around the Corner. If you haven’t seen this Jimmy Stewart original, I highly recommend it. It takes place in Budapest and is just a delight. (Check out Mr. Matuschek who was the Great and Powerful Oz!)
Pair with: Slava Ukraini! (Formerly Russian Caravan)

. . . . . . . . .

6. The Man Who Invented Christmas. The story behind the story of Dickens and A Christmas Carol. Plus Christopher Plumber? Wonderful! A brisk black tea blend will work perfectly with this movie!
Pair with: Sir Walter Scottish Blend

. . . . . . . . .

5. The Holiday. Who wouldn’t want a nice little break in a charming English Cottage or a stay in a mansion in Santa Monica at the holidays?
Pair with: British Black Currant

. . . . . . . . .

4. The Family Man. Nicholas Cage as a mash up between Scrooge and George Bailey is one of the best movies around. Check out the scene with his daughter Annie as she welcomes him to Earth.
Pair with: 3PM Blend

. . . . . . . . .

For Christmas Eve:
3. A Christmas Carol. This holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, but the most poignant being that this is a movie loved by both me and my father. He recently passed away in late October, so this the first Christmas without our yearly discussion about the movie. He loved the Patrick Stewart and George C. Scott adaptations, and I love the Reginald Owen and Alastair Sims versions. To honor my dearly departed dad, and his favorite tea on Christmas Eve:
Pair with: Earl Grey Creme or Rooibos Earl Grey (Caffeine-Free)

2. It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s just not the holiday season without George Bailey and Clarence the Angel, and the reminder to appreciate one’s life.
• Pair with: Cinnamon Orange Black Tea or Cinnamon Rooibos (Caffeine-Free)

. . . . . . . . .

For Christmas Day:
1. Charlie Brown Christmas. Maybe the best Christmas movie/cartoon every created.
• Pair with: Our Christmas Market Blend (Marche de Noel) or German Gingerbread

Happy Holidays!

-The Chief Leaf

. . . . . . . . .

12 Teas to pair with 12 Christmas Movies

8 Minutes



“There’s only one thing more precious than our time
and that’s who we spend it on.” – Leo Christopher

Let that quote settle into your bones for a minute and you’ll quickly realize the magnitude of that statement. How and who do you spend your time with?

If you think about it, the only real currency that matters is time. And its finite. And human beings traditionally have a love/hate relationship with it. We skip the present moment (it feels too hard) and often live in the other two realms: Dwelling on the past, and worrying about the future. We also seem to default to 1 of 2 states of being:

• Too busy, not having enough time and wasting the present moment
• Thinking we have all the time in the world, and missing opportunity

Up until a few weeks ago that was sort of the norm. But things have changed and life is different. One day we were living life on autopilot plugging along not thinking about the present moment, still defaulting to one of the realms (past or future) and in an instant, everything stopped and we all experienced a collective kind of whiplash from the Black Swan (aka: the Corona Virus/Covid-19.)

Some say life as we knew it is gone (maybe that’s a good thing) and that as a global community we have entered a period of profound change. What that will look like on the other side anyones guess because it is still an unknown. And for humans, the unknown is scary.

So our relationship to time has changed in an instant and we’re trying to buy time with the hope that the purchase will save lives, and humanity as we know it. And all we can do is wait it out. All we can do is try to live in present moment and let time have its way.  This waiting has forced our hand and pushed us all into a collective TIME OUT.  For some it’s a welcome reprieve from life and a chance to regroup, take a breath and exhale slowly. For others its immensely uncomfortable.

It doesn’t help that the last 3 years have been down right difficult for so many people and especially challenging in terms of finding ways to be in the moment and relax. I see this weekly at the farmers markets where I sell tea. Every week, I listen to people share their secrets, unload their stresses and everything in between. Some call me a TeaTherapist. But I’m just a good listener – because the truth is my answer to most of life’s challenges… the prescription I find most helpful… is always the same: Tea.

Yes, dear ones – Tea. Tea for everything, every challenge, every problem, every person. Tea for breakfast, tea for lunch, tea at tea time and tea for dinner. Because tea my friends, cures everything. Far fetched? Nope. And here’s why…

Tea forces you to have a direct relationship with time. It forces you to be in the present moment, to think about what you are doing. To pay attention, and to breath. And the beautiful part is that the investment is minimal. For the people that tell me that tea takes too long to make, is not worth the investment in time, I say: Phooey! It takes roughly 8 minutes. How do I know that?

Because I timed it.

From the time I decided to make tea and got out of my chair in my home office, walked down the steps and into the kitchen to…

  • Filling the electric kettle with fresh water
  • To choosing the tea vessel I wanted to use and getting it out of the cupboard
  • To scooping and measuring the tea leaves (in this case green Korean Sejak)
  • To waiting for the water to heat to 174˚ƒ
  • To pouring the water over the leaves
  • To infusing the leaves depending on type (in this case 2 min for Sejak)
  • To taking the tea ware to my table
  • To sitting down to sip the tea
  • To finishing the first infusion (I then poured another)

EIGHT (8) MINUTES. A spec of time.

The point at which relaxation in the body started was the moment of thought for wanting to make tea. It just increased from there. Since we all have extra time on our hands now, why not give in to the healing power of what tea has to offer both physically, emotionally and mentally and use this gift of time to be present. You can add an extra minute each day working up to more and more time spent having tea – a kind of meditation if you like. No other distractions. Just you and your tea.

So the moral of this story is that time is relative; time can be our friend or foe. Lets choose the former. Let’s choose to carve out a tiny part of our day to spend with tea.

I wish you all safety and wellness…

Happy Sipping
~The Chief Leaf

8 Minutes

Good Water. Good Tea.

Pouring hot water from an electric kettle in cup isolated on white background


You don’t have to be Erin Brockovitch to know that bad water is really bad for you.

(Good) water has so many health benefits that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Tea can often be included in that total since tea is basically just leaves steeped in (hopefully) good water. Water is essential, and the human body is, after all, 70% water. We can survive a month or so without food but no more than a week without water. And, I know I can’t survive a day without good tea.

I talk all the time about “good tea” and my commitment to sourcing and blending it is the foundation of Pearl Fine Teas. I won’t sell anything I myself wouldn’t drink. There may be a tea or two that I personally just don’t care for, but every single tea on our menu is of the highest quality I can afford to source. If you start with really good tea, you have to have really good water in order to make a really good cuppa. See how that works? There is just no way of getting around it and why would you want to?

I hear from many of my clients and customers that they often use the hot water spout in the office or heat up a mug in the microwave. My response to that is always: Yikes!

I also hear that when they have a cup of tea brewed by us at area farmers markets, they say the tea tastes better than what they make/drink at home. That’s in part to the water filtration system I use (see below). I had ours calibrated to deal with DC water and take out the stuff that makes things icky and taste awful. There is virtually no smell or weird taste to our water. It goes through a 3-chamber system and does a great job filtering and helping our tea taste really, really good. Below is some information on what water type/quality does to your beloved cuppa:


  • Distilled water: Distilled water is too soft (low in minerals) and will brew into flat-tasting tea. Avoid.
  • Spring water: Optimal for tea, but some types are better than others. The best spring water for tea should be neutral in pH (about 7) and in flavor.
  • Sparkling water: Not advised for making tea. Of course if you want to spike your bubbles with already made tea to flavor the water, you can certainly give it a try.
  • Well water: With any pH above 7, it’s best to filter before brewing to prevent the unwanted flavor of extra minerals. Well water poses a special problem for tea brewing because its pH is almost always above 7. Test your well water. If it’s above about 8.5, it is hard water and it will brew a bitter tea.
  • Microwaved water: A big No-No for tea making. Tea needs oxygen from the water for the flavor to come out and microwaved water is devoid of that leading to a rather awful tasting and lifeless cup of tea that will taste flat and weird. Avoid.
  • Filtered Tap Water: Depending on the city you live in, filtered tap water could be just fine for making tea. There are many counter top filtration systems that can be purchased to take out some of the things your city might put into the water to keep it “clean”.
  • RO / Reverse Osmosis: Also not recommended unless the water is remineralized. The tea will also taste flat and lifeless.

Some types of filtration systems for home use include the following and you can click on each one to read up on their offerings to see if it might be the right fit for you, your budget and your tea:

According to the CDC:  “…the top causes of disease outbreaks related to drinking water are Giardia intestinalis, hepatitis A, norovirus, and Shigella. Bad as that sounds, it’s far from a complete list. There are also health risks related to water contaminated with organic and inorganic matter, other bacteria and viruses and other pollutants. Some studies link high levels of lead in drinking water to delays in physical and mental development, short attention spans, and learning difficulties in children. There’s also evidence that arsenic in drinking water can lead to nerve, heart, skin, and blood vessel damage. And Cryptosporidium is responsible for potentially life-threatening diarrhea.”

Water and health are as interdependent as good water and good tea. So take care, filter your water, try not to use the microwave (buy a kettle), use good tea leaves and enjoy a great cuppa!

Happy Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf


Good Water. Good Tea.

The Full Moon and Anti-Inflammatory Tonic


“Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” 
― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

Yesterday we welcomed the Winter Solstice. Now just 19.25 hours later, we welcome the Full Moon (at 12:48 pm EST) which is also known at the Cold Moon or the Moon Before the Yule. The Moon rules water, and this Full Moon is at 0′ 49″ Cancer – which is ruled by water.

Did you know that Water can absorb the energy of thoughts, intentions and even words?  Research by Dr. Masaru Emoto, found that frozen water changes the way it looks based on what it’s exposed to. He wrote the amazing book The Hidden Messages of Water which documented what happened to water depending on what thoughts, messages and sounds it was exposed to:

“If positive and loving—water freezes beautifully and perfectly when the words are mean and hateful—it looks all broken down. [This] research has been expanded upon by German Professor Boris Koch whose team of scientists confirmed that water holds memory of every being or item that it came in contact with.”

You can watch a YouTube Video on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study here.

Basically, talk mean to water and the negativity shows up when crystals are frozen. Since the average amount of water in the human body is around 60%, being positive and kind to oneself and others is more than just a matter of politeness, it critical to wellness.

Every full moon is an ending and opportunity to let go. It’s the completion of a cycle; a time to harness the power it beams down to Earth and its residents in order to bring clarity, lessons, energy and release – especially of toxic thoughts and emotions.

Full moon rituals are plenty, but charging water is by far one of my favorites! Especially since this kind of water used to brew tea raises the magic level to the moon. It’s healing, cleansing, releases low-vibrations, balances chakras and helps with manifestation. It may even assist with healing the physical body.

There is a wonderful article written by Spirit Science Central on how to Make and Charge Full Moon Water. I also did a post about this last year and you can read that as well here.

We may be complete with our 25 Days of Tea Giving Annual Event where a whopping 25% is discounted from a featured tea or blend each day, but how could we not add on one more day in honor of this Magical Moon Before the Yule?

If the Full moon is about release and letting go, then it makes perfect sense that the blend to feature today  is our Anti-Inflammatory Tonic.
Anti-Inflammatory Tonic is not to be trifled with. It’s a strong medicinal blend of spices that work pretty quickly to reduce inflammation in the body. It includes superfoods like ginger and turmeric and cinnamon, but it also has orange, pepper, cacao, and some rooibos. EVERY ingredient in this blend fights inflammation. I’ve not encountered one person who’s tried it and not felt some physical change almost immediately. Aside from its super healing powers, it just tastes darn good. Which means you’ll drink it. And that means it can work its magic in your body and wont just sit on a shelf.

One of our customers was an NIH scientist who would stop by to visit each Sunday. And every Sunday she would say that we needed a turmeric blend. I was reluctant given what I had tasted on the market. I took 6-8 months to research and decide what this blend needed to be and have in it, and after reading her White Papers on Inflammation and the brain, I was convinced it was necessary.

So for today only, during the “Winter Solstice–Moon Before the Yule–Full Moon”, please enjoy 25% OFF our Anti-Inflammatory Tonic. Use code YULEMOON25 at checkout on the Pearl Fine Teas website.

And don’t forget to charge your water tonight and use it for brewing your tea!

Happy Yule!
Happy Full Moon!
Happy Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf


The Full Moon and Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

Tea Giving: Day 25 (Marché de Noël)


“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.”
Anamika Mishra


Not only is today the final day, Day 25 of our 25 Days of Tea Giving, we welcome Winter Solstice at 5:23pm EST.

The best day of the year!

Aside from all the rituals and celebrations that have been enjoyed since the dawn of time, it means that when we wake up tomorrow morning it will be seconds lighter. The darkness is now behind us and it’s only a matter of time for Spring and light to arrive.

I wrote a blog post on Yule / Winter Solstice last year and you can read it here to learn about some different ways people celebrate the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes food and drink! Lots of spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves –  and fruits like apples and oranges are often part of the celebration.

I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the 2018 Tea Giving Event than with our Marché de Noel! Each year we celebrate and offer a Christmas Market Blend. This year it was French and we celebrated Strasbourg which is near the German border.

Marché de Noel 

Nothing says “Christmas” like a tea blended with traditional warming spices and dried fruit. The 2018 blend is a black tea base with dried apples, orange peel, cinnamon and a touch of clove. There is a natural sweetness to it that is pleasantly surprising – which means you don’t need to add sugar. Bonus!

25 Days of Tea went by quickly! It started on Tuesday Nov 27th (#GivingTuesday) and is now complete on Dec 21st: Winter Solstice. Perfect synchronicity.  I hope you learned something that you didn’t know before about a particular tea or blend, and that you were able to take advantage of the discount to enjoy a favorite or try something new!

With 4 days left until Christmas Day… there is still time to for Marché de Noel for 25% OFF. Please use code TEAGIVING25 at checkout on the Pearl Fine Teas website!

Thank you for following along!

Happy Solstice!
Happy Sipping!

~The Chief Leaf


Tea Giving: Day 25 (Marché de Noël)

Tea Giving: Day 24 (1980 Aged Oolong)


“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” 

― W.B. Yeats


Every year since 1980, the tea master who grew this has taken this Oolong out of storage and lightly roasted it. He then put it back into storage and waited for another 2 years or so before taking it out of his tea vault to roast it again in order to remove moisture. Since 1980! 38 years of tea roasting certainly validates the Keats quote above.

And this is one of the many reasons to love tea and the people who are dedicated to this kind of craftsmanship.

What were you doing in 1980? Were you even on the planet yet? To say this is rare is an understatement. Especially since tea making in Taiwan changed around the Mid-1980s. Prior to that tea was hand-rolled in canvas bags. This kind of processing created a tea that was not as tightly rolled as it is currently with the use of machines. Firing at the right temperature (often higher) was also key for this original kind of processing. The end result being a tea with a very thick and unique taste that is very different from any other teas you might have tried before. Notes of roasted chestnuts, stone fruit, baked bread, passionfruit, butter and whispers of cocoa are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s rich with divine depth of character.

Oolong tea in wooden spoon on a background of old vintage books. Menu, recipe
1980 Aged Oolong

This is clearly not a mainstream tea. And, it’s not an everyday cuppa. It’s an experience reserved for special occasion. We often joke that teas like this should only be shared with those who are truly worthy and to choose wisely.

This is only sold in 1 ounce amounts because of how little there is and because there is no more left of this particular lot on the planet being roasted by this tea maker for that particular year. Should you decide to secure some of this magic, you will not be disappointed – especially if you are roasted oolong lover.

Please enjoy this extremely RARE DISCOUNT of 25% OFF this extremely RARE 1980 AGED OOLONG on day 24 of our 25 Days of Tea Giving. Use Code TEAGIVING24 at checkout on the Pearl Fine Teas website.

Think of this discount like the Rare Christmas Comet that only shows up every 11 years. Perhaps you can watch the comet while sipping this 1980 Aged Oolong…?

Happy Sipping!

~The Chief Leaf







Tea Giving: Day 24 (1980 Aged Oolong)

Tea Giving: Day 23 (Hawaiian Zen)


“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”
– The 14th Dalai Lama

We may be headed into the shortest day and longest night of the year in a few days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about long summer nights and fruity drinks. Our Hawaiian Zen tisane covers so many bases:

  • It’s the first blend we ever created
  • It’s caffeine-free
  • It’s sweet without any added sugar
  • It’s got notable health benefits, and…
  • It was presented to the 14th Dalai Lama in 2011 in Washington DC at the Kalachakra after meeting with the Ven. Geshe Tenzin Dhargye, who heads the Vienna Buddhist Institute in Austria .

What more is there to say, really… except that you can also eat the chunks of dried fruit right out of the blend.

Hawaiian Zen is a rooibos based tisane and as mentioned has no caffeine. It’s blended with a cacophony of dried fruits like mango, papaya, orange, pomegranate – and also includes ginger, rose petals and cornflowers. It has very strong aroma therapy up front but brews a very balance hot cuppa and seriously amazing iced tea.

It’s also a great tisane to sip for evening meditation. We like it when we listen to Andy’s voice at Headspace.

Today is Day 23 of our 25 Days of Tea Giving. Please enjoy 25% OFF our Hawaiian Zen Tisane by using code TEAGIVING23 at checkout on the website.

Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf


Tea Giving: Day 23 (Hawaiian Zen)

Tea Giving: Day 22 (Rooibos Chai)


“Spices are very hot, very hip. I love spices.” – Todd English

This blend was named after a spicy girl called Christy (my niece), who at around 4 years old declared that she liked chai. We needed a chai version in the family without caffeine so she could get her spicy tea quota and not drive my brother and sister-law crazy with extra energy.

This has been one of our most popular blends for years. People that love the taste of traditional Chai but are either sensitive to caffeine (or just want an herbal version to sip at night) reach for the Chai Chai Christy blend.

Instead of black tea, its base is South African Rooibos blended with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Not only does it taste fantastic, it packs a healthy punch:

  • South African Rooibos – high in minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, copper, fluoride, manganese, magnesium, zinc), anti-inflammatory, relieves hypertension, aids the respiratory functions, good for bones and teeth, may help prevent type II diabetes, improves circulation.
  • Cardamomcombats nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, detoxifies, aids cardiovascular health, controls cholesterol.
  • Gingercombats nausea, powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, anti-blood clotting, improved immunity and respiratory function, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.
  • Cloves – high in minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc; contains vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K; aids digestion, antibacterial, chemo-preventive or anti-carcinogenic, anti-Mutagenic, boosts immunity, anti-inflammatory, aids in headache relief, gingivitis and periodontitis.

The rich color of the liquid along with its mighty powerful ingredients, yields a wonderful chai cuppa to enjoy day or night.

So on Day 22 of our 25 Days of Tea Giving, please enjoy 25% OFF our “Chai Chai” Christy by using Code TEAGIVING22 at checkout on the Pearl Fine Teas website.

Happy Caffeine Free Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf

Tea Giving: Day 22 (Rooibos Chai)

Tea Giving: Day 20 (Recovery Blend)


“You can’t always control what goes on outside,
but you can control what goes on inside.” – Wayne Dyer

We could all use a little help with that. Especially currently. We have a billion things thrown at us at warp speed almost every minute of every day. It can be rough. Granted it’s not “Medieval Times in 546 A.C.” rough, but it’s our Modern Day rough.

Dr. Dyer was right: all we can really do is control how we react to any stressor lobbed at us. And while it really is true that Tea can solve just about any challenge or problem, it’s also true that herbal remedies do the same thing in terms of assisting the body, mind and spirit to help heal itself. If nothing else, it provides a pause which is a powerful and necessary healing tool for all kinds of recovery.

The morning of the 2016 Election Year, we debuted Recovery. It was hours before we knew who would be elected as the new President of the United States so and there was now way we could have known the outcome. There was no partisan hidden agenda or subliminal message to its timing either. Its purpose: to be an “inclusive remedy to help boost wellness for The Left, The Right and the Middle.”  The blend was simply was a reaction to months of people coming to us stressed out and worried at a stratospheric level over what the outcome would be.

Needless to say, we sell a lot of  Recovery. One reason may be because Washington DC daily stress is a bit more unique and concentrated than perhaps other cities. We are barraged with Politics 24/7, we have some epic level traffic jams, have had roughly 30 weekends of rain this year, and no one can ever, ever, ever escape the news because many are part of creating it. Another more important reason for its popularity? It tastes great, is soothing and has a power combination of herbs that assist in helping the body to heal and recover from stress:

  • Ginger root: Boosts immunity, calms an upset stomach, helps with nausea, warming, stimulates circulation.
  • Lemongrass: Detoxes, helps insomnia, boosts immunity, excellent tonic for nerves.
  • Lemon balm: Reduces stress and anxiety, helps promote sleep, eases indigestion.
  • Orange peel: Vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, pectin.
  • Lemon essential oil: calming, detoxifying, antiseptic, sleep inducing, anti-fungal.
  • Hibiscus: Lowers blood pressure, and boosts immune system.
  • Coriander: High in manganese, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and protein.
  • Cinnamon: High in antioxidants, lowers blood sugar levels, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal.
  • Rose petals: Immune Boost, improves digestion eases stress and anxiety.
  • Rosehips: Rich in bio flavonoids, pectin, vitamin E + B complex, selenium, manganese.
  • Roasted chicory root: Eases digestive problems, prevents heartburn, reduce arthritis pains, detoxes, boosts immunity, may reduce heart disease.

You really can’t go wrong with a concoction like this. And, don’t let the chicory throw you off. It’s a curve ball for sure, but it adds a something unexpected to the blend that just works in harmony with all of the other ingredients.

Today is Day 20 of our 25 Days of Tea, and a Sunday – the day of the week meant for recovery.  Please enjoy 25% OFF our Recovery Blend by using Code TEAGIVING20 at checkout on the website.

Happy Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf

Tea Giving: Day 20 (Recovery Blend)

Tea Giving: Day 19 (WuYi Dark Oolong)


If Daenerys Targaryen drank tea, it would be this one. 

Wuyi Dark Oolong, also known as “Northern Fujian Black Dragon Tea” doesn’t go as far back as Game of Thrones (298 AC/seventeen years after the end of Robert’s Rebellion) but is a more recent dating back to the Ming Dynasty (c. 1368 – 1644). This style of tea was originally referred to as Rock Tea (Yan Cha) – which described the terroir from where it grew (rocky soil).  The name Black Dragon referred to the long, dark, twisted leaves which were then pan-fired to stop oxidation and baked in the final stages of processing.

Wuyi Dark Oolongs are the polar opposite to spring/ greener oolongs such as Jade and BaoZhong style which is buttery and more floral in taste.

This tea is produced at a 100% organic tea garden near Fujian that has 36 rock peaks. Only teas grown within a 60 kilometer territory are considered authentic Wuyi Tea. Wuyi Dark Oolong, is a heavily oxidized style of oolong that yields a full bodied, rich mouth-feel tea that leaves a lasting impression. Notes of sweet baked apricot, caramel, and brown sugar shine through. It’s leaves a haunting end note that begs you for more. This is a powerful, dark, rich oolong you won’t soon forget.

For those of you that are familiar with this style of tea, you will rejoice knowing that today Day 19 of our 25 Days of Christmas can enjoy 25% OFF by using code TEAGIVING19 at checkout on the website.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is a great time to give this type of oolong a try. It pairs brilliantly with cheeses like blue, gorgonzola. Is divine with dim sum or even Chinese Take-out delivered to your door. Any salty, heavier meals are divine with a Dark Oolong.

So get ready for last and final Season 8 of Game of Thrones and have your Wuyi Black Dragon Tea by your side. (“The things I do for love.” – Jaimie Lanister)

Happy Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf


Tea Giving: Day 19 (WuYi Dark Oolong)