Tea Giving: Day 8 (New England)


“Where’s your will to be weird?”

Thank you Jim Morrison. Thats exactly right. The willingness to be different, unique and downright weird is right up our alley.

That said, say hello to New England Blend. Not exactly what one would think of when choosing a black tea blend but that’s just the way we like things: a little off the beaten trail, a little under the radar, a little different than the rest.

New England at its base is a hearty black tea blended with maple, cacao, a smidge of honey, and red/black peppercorns. When listing the ingredients to customers we get one of two looks and reactions:

  1. Wide-eyed silence and a polite, “What else do you have?”
  2. Wide-eyed excitement and an enthusiastic, “I must have that!”

There’s a cult following of this blend. Our regulars (especially those from the New England corridor) love it.  They also know that it’s in limited supply for Fall and Winter and once it’s gone, it doesn’t emerge from its Spring/Summer slumber until the following Sept/October. Many have “minor” addictions to New England Blend. It’s not unheard of to get a Tea-Emergency email in early Spring like this:

“We know you have some New England left in your private stash. Give it up! We’ve run out and wont make it till Fall. Please send help.” – Desperate in DC

I personally love this tea but with some specific parameters around drinking it: It’s simply divine when the temperature drops and there are threats of snowflakes. A warm blanket, warm socks, a roaring fire and this tea is the ultimate in comfort. In DC when snow shows up (even if theres only like 32 flakes), everything closes down and it’s quiet… New England Blend comes out of my private reserve and I’m gleefully sipping, watching the snow fall, and delighting in the lack of chaos that is typical of this city.

If the snow really piles up, I’ll brew a travel mug of New England, throw on my Big Reg Parka, borrow my friends dog Midnite and walk the quiet streets.

Mixed black Truffle spicy tea isolated on white
New England Blend 

New England blend has a “weight” to it. Meaning that it’s substantial, not light-hearted and many devout coffee drinkers have crossed over into tea with this blend.

The aroma upfront is extremely sweet – like syrup on pancakes – but the tea brewed has totally different outcome: The maple combines with the cacao which is slightly bitter and they both blend harmoniously with the black tea. The pepper mellows out the sweetness and it all comes together like a Winter Symphony. Though I’ve not had it with milk or cream, some have said that it is pure decadence.

So, how daring are you? Are you willing to try something a little “weird?” If so, please use Code TEAGIVING8 at checkout and enjoy 25% OFF of our New England Blend for Day 8 of our #25DaysofTea. 

Happy Sipping!
~The Chief Leaf


Tea Giving: Day 8 (New England)

25 Days of Tea: Day 10 (New England)

New England Seasonal Blend

New England isn’t what you would normally expect for a tea blend, but boy is it good. The black tea base is complimented by bits of cacao, red and black peppercorn and dried maple bits. Sounds like a cavity in the making, however, even though the aroma is strongly sweet maple, the brew is not. The maple mixes with the cacao and pepper and it all comes together for a balanced cup of tea that is seriously rich and as comforting as a big bear hug. We have found that many people interested in transitioning over to tea from coffee, find this blend a good first cuppa. I believe its because its similar to the “weight” that coffee seems to offer. It is also caffeinated (as all black teas are), but does not give the caffeine rush that most people seem to experience with coffee.

We unleash this rich, satisfying and warming blend each fall and winter. It’s got a cult following by some of our beloved tea customers and there’s typically a line waiting for it’s re-entry. Here are some notes on this limited edition/seasonal blend:

• Overview:   A very rich, weighty cup of tea that pays respect to the beautiful New England region of the United States.
• Dry Leaf:    Small twisted leaves and stems, peppercorn, maple, cacao nibs
• Liquor (liquid):    Dark reddish-brown
• Aroma:   Strong sweet maple
• Flavor notes:    Balanced, rich and full of flavor. Maple upfront but not overly sweet. Cacao sits in the background as does the pepper and it all comes together on the palate. Long finish.
• Brewing recommendation:     212° Fº / 2-5 minutes.
• Caffeine: Yes

If you are interested in giving this Seasonal a try, please visit the Pearl Fine Teas tea shop today and use code: 25TEAS10 at checkout to get 25% of New England Blend – today only!

Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf


25 Days of Tea: Day 10 (New England)