Tea Giving: Day 3 (Moroccan Mint)


“Tea is the drink of the gods that loosens tongues and opens hearts.

Day 3 has us scooting over to Northern Africa where drinking green tea with mint is legendary and an inherent part of its culture, customs and most importantly its hospitality. Tea is everywhere in Morocco: cafes, markets, businesses and especially at home. But the actual history of tea in Morocco is not clear.

Hot drinks, herbal infusions and remedies have been a part of Moroccan culture since before actual tea was introduced to the country. Some say that wasn’t until the 17th – 18th century when Chinese green Gunpowder tea showed up. By the late 1800s, trade increased and tea spread across the county as a luxury item and status symbol of ones wealth and high standing in the community. Eventually, like all things, tea found its way into local markets in cities and villages; on caravan routes into the mountains and desert.

Traditional Moroccan Mint tea is typically a blend of Chinese Gunpowder Green tea which is shaped like small pellets, and has a very bitter taste if brewed too long.  The name “gunpowder” refers to the very tightly rolled, compressed dried tea leaves. The more compact, the better the quality. A slight sheen to the gunpowder tea indicates freshness and is what is most desired.

Moroccan Mint  / Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea needs to be brewed with a lighter hand (less time), or even cold brewed for iced tea which always comes out perfect. If you want to try to make tea the way they prepare it in Morocco here are steps to follow:

“A traditional pot of Moroccan Mint (Attay) will include mint, sugar, green gunpowder tea leaves, and hot water. Served on a Sinia tea tray, gunpowder tea leaves, fresh mint sprigs and sugar cubes are first put into the teapot before it is filled with boiling water. After a few minutes of steeping, the first pot of tea is poured into the tea glasses, not to drink, but rather to warm the guest’s glass, as the second round of brewing begins. Once perfect levels of sweet and bitter have been achieved, the host will hold the teapot high over the tea glasses, to create a little bit of froth. The glass is then held at the rim of the cup, and sipped carefully.”

Our Moroccan Mint Green has been slightly modified recently and is even better than the long-standing blend we’ve had over the years. The melange of mint really shines through – especially the spearmint! This is one of our most popular teas in summertime when we brew it for local farmers markets and serve over ice, but its a truly wonder hot tea year round. And if the flavor of green tea with mint isn’t enough to entice you into trying this, the health benefits might:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves Digestion
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • May help Cold and Flu
  • Improves Mental Awareness and Focus
  • Full of anti-oxidants
  • Makes you feel happy*

*Lots of field research went into the last bullet point.

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Happy Sipping!
– The Chief Leaf

Tea Giving: Day 3 (Moroccan Mint)