25 Days of Tea: Day 23 (Lovely Lauren)


apricot3-850x850TGIF! You made it through another week and the final Friday before Christmas!

How about something fruity, energizing and fun? Welcome Lovely Lauren. A black tea blended with mighty chunks of dried apricot. It’s a wonderful hot tea, and a superior iced tea. It’s another one of our most popular brews at our weekly farmers markets in Spring/Summer. This blend has caffeine, so if you a need boost to navigate the day, start with this cuppa, and you will have a nice even burst of energy to sustain you through the day of last minute work deadlines, shopping, socializing and wrapping gifts.

Teatime w/Lovely Lauren (circa age 8)

Named after my eldest niece Lauren when she was about 7 years old because she loved having teatime with me, doing tea reviews and videos and because she loves anything fruity and sweet. Lauren was allowed to have small amounts of caffeine and she loved this flavored tea. Shes now 16 years old, drives herself to a job she loves: working in a pet store and rescue shelter to help find homes for many, many abandoned dogs. She still loves sweet things and a touch of sugar in her tea. I believe that’s in part due to her sweet nature. Try this delightful blend. You won’t be disappointed. Here are some notes on this fruity flavored tea:

• Overview:   Near and dear to our hearts and named after one of our most favorite people. Wonderfully fruity.
• Dry Leaf:    Smallish dark twisted leaves, medium brown, golden chunks of dried apricot
• Liquor (liquid):    Dark medium-reddish brown
• Aroma:   Upfront aroma of apricot
• Flavor notes:    Distinctly fruity – specifically apricot. Lingers on the palate. Strong yet smooth and easy going.
• Brewing recommendation:     Rolling boil / 212° Fº / 3-5 minutes.
• Caffeine: Yes

If you are interested in giving this tasty treat a try, please visit the Pearl Fine Teas tea shop today and use code: 25TEAS23 at checkout to get 25% of Lovely Lauren– today only!

Thank you for following along this past month and I wish you all a wonderful, tea-filled, joy-filled day!

Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf





25 Days of Tea: Day 23 (Lovely Lauren)