Gong Xi Fa Choi! Happy New Year!

Year of the Fire Rooster

I love that we get 2 New Years. The New Year celebrated on January 1st of every year and the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year!

2017 welcomes the Year of the Fire Rooster and according to some some Chinese astrology predictions we can expect a year pushing us towards honorable deeds filled with supreme integrity. I like the sound of that. One of the other things it portends is a year to “temper ones ardor.”  You can have some fun and look up your Chinese Zodiac Sign to see how 2017 may play out for you.

Chinese New Year is a 2 week celebration that begins on January 28th this year and continues all the way until February 15th ending with a Lantern Festival. During this period of time, people are often visiting with family and friends and spring cleaning their homes and offices to prepare for good luck in the coming year.

Eating is a big part of this festival and no menu is complete without the 7 Lucky dishes: Fish (prosperity), Dumplings (wealth), Spring rolls (wealth), Tangyuan Sweet Rice Ball (family togetherness), Good Fortune Fruit (wealth), Niangao Glutinous Rice Cake (higher income), Long Noodles (longevity).

What I was most interested in was learning something about the Chinese New Year Tea tradition, which is evidently, a forgotten ritual. You can read a very nice article by the Tea Guardian on this ritual.


To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, Pearl Fine Teas has a limited quantity tea tin filled with a fun and fruity green tea for $8.88.  You can order it here.

The blend is comprised of green tea, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple and rose petals. Fruit is considered auspicious and the red rose petals are for good fortune. Whether or not you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, it’s another reminder of the importance of connection with others and of new beginnings.

Gong Xi Fa Choi (恭禧發財)!
Happy Sipping ! – The Chief Leaf






Gong Xi Fa Choi! Happy New Year!

Pu’erh Tea and the Year of the Earth Ox.

yearofoxpotHappy Chinese New Year! Finally, we have closed the door on the Year of the Rat. *whew*

Bye Bye, Rat! Hello, Ox!

As I sit here contemplating the new year (which is today if you go by the Chinese lunar calendar) I am filled with optimism as we welcome the Year of the OX. It must be better than the Rat. Don’t  you think? I hope. Let’s look on the bright side…

Though times may be challenging, each day we get the opportunity to make a new choice! Every single morning, we can create a new reality… amend previous decisions… be more kind… save a bit more money… keep promises… maybe try something new…

Which brings me to my choice of tea tonight as we usher in the Year of the Earth Ox: Golden Tip Pu’erh. What a natural partnership! Rich, smooth, woody, earthy. Lacking the unpleasant mustiness of some pu’erhs.  It’s a perfect introduction into the mystical world of pu’erh. A few cups a day is said to have the highest in health benefits. We’ll let you know when we start glowing. If you haven’t tried this magical tea from China, we recommend you dive right in.

Golden Tip Pu'erh

Ok, now back to Chinese Astrology.  The Chinese Zodiac is said to follow the stations of Jupiter’s orbit around the sun, which is just shy of 12 years. The animals mark years in a 12-year cycle that begins with rat, followed by ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. According GoToAstrology.com:

The coming 2009 year of the earth Ox also called 2009 year of the Bull or Buffalo is around the corner. It looks like we’ve got honest, candid and open natured year ahead. As you might guess, coming 2009 year of the earth Ox is dependable, calm and modest. Sun sign horoscope for the 2009 year of the Ox like his animal sing is unshakably patient, full of hard work and tireless though need financial support to fulfill your ideas and make your desires.

2009 year is the year of the earth Ox and 26 year in sixty-year cycle. As the Chinese astrology tells us, the Ox sign is the sign of prosperity found through fortitude and hard work. Such year as 2009 year of the earth Ox has a straight and unprejudiced nature though sometimes reveals hidden secrets without due thought, inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings and offend others. It should turn out to be the prosperous year for those hard thinkers and active planners who believe in and relay on a teamwork, running own business or work independently.”

OK! Well that sounds like good news to me!

Check out your Chinese Horoscope for the upcoming year. Don’t know your Chinese Sign? Click here.

Happy New Year! Happy Sipping!

Pu’erh Tea and the Year of the Earth Ox.