Day 26: Boxing Day (Give Back Sale!)


25 Days of Tea

If you followed along over the last month during the 25 Days of Tea, you may have read all 25 posts and maybe even took advantage of the sale that was offered each day. Maybe you wanted a tea but missed the time to grab it. Or maybe, you are just now finding the TeaLove Blog. Well, here is a second chance for some tea savings while giving back a little.

Boxing Day is a tradition that started about 800 years ago, during the Middle Ages in the UK. A box was placed in churches so they could collect alms for the poor and then distribute what was collected to those in need. What a lovely way to give back after receiving the day before. So, in honor of that unknown holiday that no one here in the U.S. celebrates we’re offering:

boxingdaysale226% OFF all teas on the Pearl Fine Teas website if you spend a minimum of $26.00. We’ll give 10% of sales to our favorite local charity: The Humane Rescue Alliance

Just enter Code: BOX26 at checkout and enjoy the savings. Offer valid Dec 26 – Dec 30th. If you’d rather skip the tea and donate directly, you can click here.

Happy Boxing Day!
Happy Sipping!

-The Chief Leaf



Day 26: Boxing Day (Give Back Sale!)