25 Days of Tea: Day 19 (Earl Grey)

img_lg_keemumhaoyaMention Earl Grey and most people (even non-tea loving people) will know about this  – its one of the most recognizable blends in the world. I’ve noticed there are 2 very distinct camps when it comes to this flavored tea and not much middle ground: people either love it or don’t. I’ve not yet met a person was was ambivalent about Earl Grey. I’m often asked questions about where this tea comes from, what makes it “Earl Grey” and who is Mr. Earl Grey. Good questions. What I found particularly interesting and learned something new when reading up about Earl Grey. The timeliness of it seemed so odd, that I had to include it and post it specifically today: Dec 19, 2016 – when the United States Electors have to cast their final votes for President. Read below to see why this is so interesting.

WHERE: Earl Grey tea doesn’t come from a particular country or region. The black tea that makes up the base for this flavored tea can be made with black tea from India, Sri Lanka, China etc… Often it is a blend of a few black teas to create a specific flavor profile. Earl Grey can also be made with Green tea and Rooibos.

WHAT: It is a tea flavored with oil of bergamot, a type of orange primarily grown in Italy, that makes Earl Grey… Earl Grey.

WHO: Charles Grey, an English aristocrat and 2nd Prime Minister of the UK in the 1800’s inherited the title “Earl” after his father passed away in 1807. He was known for 4 important  achievements in his life:

• The Reform Act of 1832 which set in train a gradual process of electoral change, sowing the seeds of the system we recognise today.
• Reform of restrictions on children employment
• The abolition of slavery in the British Empire in 1833
• The inspiration for Earl Grey Tea


25 Days of Tea: Day 19 (Earl Grey)