25 Days of Tea: Day 6 (R + R)

Rest + Relaxation Tisane

Definition of tea
(according to Websters):

1a :  a shrub (Camellia sinensis of the family Theaceae, the tea family) cultivated especially in China, Japan, and the East Indies
1b :  the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of the tea plant prepared and cured for the market, classed according to method of manufacture into one set of types (as green tea, black tea, or oolong), and graded according to leaf size into another (as orange pekoe, pekoe, or souchong)
2 :  an aromatic beverage prepared from tea leaves by infusion with boiling water
3a :  any of various plants somewhat resembling tea in properties; also :  an infusion of their leaves used medicinally or as a beverage
3b :  tea rose
4a :  refreshments usually including tea with sandwiches, crackers, or cookies served in late afternoonb :  a reception, snack, or meal at which tea is served
5 : slang :  marijuana

Why the definition? Because today’s feature is not a tea, but a tisane. And what is that?

Definitions of tisane
(according to Websters):

1 :  an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects


Big difference.

Often the word “tea” is used to define almost anything that you throw into hot water, but the fact is that only the leaves of the Camellia sinensis shrub yield the magical brew that is actually TEA. Everything else is a tisane/infusion. And that’s exactly what our Rest + Relaxation (R+R for short) is: a tisane blend.  A wonderful concoction of organic German chamomile flowers, a bit of lemon grass and hint of lavender. Is it wildly popular? I think there are a lot of stressed out Washingtonians needing a peaceful nights sleep because we sell out of it weekly. Chamomile has many medicinal properties, but it is known to promote relaxation just like lavender. Add the slight tartness of lemongrass and it will do its job and help you to chill out and take a deep breath.

Here are some notes on this herbal remedy:

• Overview:   Easy going tisane meant to promote relaxation and overall peace.
• Dry Leaf:    Large chamomile flowers, lemongrass pieces and dried french lavender
• Liquor (liquid):    Light yellow
• Aroma:   Green apple, earthy, fresh hay, lavender
• Flavor notes:    Slight sweetness, fresh, crisp apple, lavender finish that lingers
• Brewing recommendation:     Rolling boil 212° Fº / 5+ minutes.
• Caffeine: No

If you are interested in giving this tisane a try, please visit the Pearl Fine Teas tea shop today and use code: 25TEAS6 at checkout to get 25% of Rest + Relaxation – today only!

Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf





25 Days of Tea: Day 6 (R + R)