25 Days of Tea: Day 5 (Nilgiri)

Nilgiri Organic Black Tea

Nilgiri means Blue Mountains and this lovely leaf is from an organic garden located approximately 8,000 ft in those mountains. It’s often called “fragrant one”, grows year-round and is harvested when other teas are dormant. As with many black teas, Nilgiri has some wonderful health benefits including:

1. Rich in flavonoids which is said to aid blood flow and strengthen the heart and circulation.
2. May lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure – reducing the risk of future heart disease and stroke.
3. Helps with oral hygiene

Years ago I was derailed from a tea hunting trip to this region due to a schedule conflict but that doesn’t stop me from day dreaming of a future expedition to South India. My first notable understanding of with these leaves was while working on a breakfast blend. After many attempts to find the right balance, the addition of Nilgiri made it all come together. I believe it’s due to the fact that it’s a very easy going, almost forgiving black tea that just seems to want to be friends.  I like this black tea, but admittedly often forget about this darling and then realize how much I like it when it crosses my path. It’s a very nice entry into the world of Indian black teas due to its medium body brew with light citrus and honey notes. For those who like it to add milk and sugar, it has the legs to handle it. Here are some notes on this brew:

• Overview:   A friendly black tea that lacks overall bitterness. Recommended for days when a peaceful, fragrant black tea is in order.
• Dry Leaf:    Slightly larger leaf
• Liquor (liquid):    Lighter golden brown
• Aroma:   Tangy Citrus
• Flavor notes:    Balanced, citrus, honey and easy lingering finish
• Brewing recommendation:     200-212° Fº / 2-3 minutes.
• Caffeine: Yes

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Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf


25 Days of Tea: Day 5 (Nilgiri)