25 Days of Tea: Day 2 (Black Currant)

cassis_spread_00This was the first flavored tea I ever tried at age 19, and it was love at first sip. In fact, at one point I had thought that I’d name my future  tea company  “The Black Currant” that’s how much I loved this flavored blend. When flavored right, black currant is a truly easy going fruity tea. The trick is not to blend it with a smokey black tea or the currant flavor is just eclipsed. The other important factor is the type of currants used and the flavoring. Anything of lessor quality or with chemicals will make the tea taste artificial. And that’s the last thing anyone wants in their cup. Another benefit is that with the fruitiness of this blend, it doesn’t need added sugar. The natural sweetness from the currants takes care of that. The profile of this beauty  is as follows:

• Overview:   A very easy to drink flavored black tea – a classic – excellent hot or over ice.
• Dry Leaf:    Black tea blend with dark leaves and robust little currants.
• Liquor (liquid):    Medium brown with some reddish hints.
• Aroma:    Fruity, raisin
• Flavor notes:    Naturally fruity, raisin, short finish
• Brewing recommendation:     212° Fº / 3-5 minutes (longer for iced tea)
• Caffeine: Yes.

As the saying goes, “You never forget your first love” – and this one will always be in my rotation. When I want to take teatime to another level, I add a currant scone, cold butter or clotted cream and black currant preserves (my preference is Chantaine.) In the colder months its brewed hot and when warm weather rolls around, this beauty is on our farmers market rotation for iced tea almost every week.

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Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf


25 Days of Tea: Day 2 (Black Currant)