25 Days of Tea: DAY 1 (Morning Kickstart)

img_7288We’re jumping in to the deep end of the cup and going strong with our first tea of this month: Morning Kickstart or as it’s also called: Kenya Black – a CTC processed tea.

CTC stands for: Cut, Tear, Curl. Leaves processed are not rolled. They are placed through cylindrical rollers with tiny teeth that in effect: crush, tear and curl the tea leaves. This kind of processing was developed during WWII so it was easier to pack in teabags. Tea that is produced this way brews fast. It’s like opening the gate at a horse race and watching them all bolt at top speed. It’s a fast, robust infusion and often yields more tea per kilo. The profile of this beauty from Africa is as follows:

• Overview: One of the more robust black teas available. If you love a strong morning brew, this is your cup of tea. Stands up to cream and sugar very well.

• Dry Leaf: The leaves are dark and cut into small balls resembling coffee grounds.

• Aroma: Surprisingly complex with its familiar “black tea” aroma

• Liquor (liquid): Medium to dark reddish brown

• Flavor profile: Astringent, Malt, Tannic

• Brewing recommendation: 212° Fº  / 2 – 5 minutes

• Caffeine: Yes.

If you want to learn even more facts about Kenyan Black teas, check out this past blog post.

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Happy Sipping!
-The Chief Leaf


25 Days of Tea: DAY 1 (Morning Kickstart)