25 Days of Tea

It’s the last day of Novembgiftoftea-smaller for 2016 and as I sit here sipping our new batch of Jasmine Yin Hao, it occurred to me that many tea lovers are still unfamiliar with so many teas available (like Jasmine Yin Hao – a Pouchong).  Mention Earl Grey, Chai or Chamomile and heads nod, but mention Dian Jin, BaoZhong or even Aged Tea and I often am met with a stare.

It’s not easy to step into trying a new tea – it does take a sense of adventure and a real love of trying something new. Often people will defer to mainstream blends and well known names (like chai) and hopefully work their way into what those of us in tea are deeply connected to: TeaLife.

For die-hard tea drinkers, tea isn’t just a beverage, it’s a really important part of daily life. More then just routine, its ritual. And there’s a big difference–most notably related to intention and often has more meaning. (More on that later.)

So as I sit in my sunroom on the last rainy day of November, surrounded by Buddhas disguised as cats, I decided that starting tomorrow (December 1) and for the next 25 days leading up to Christmas Day, I’ll blog a short bit on a different tea each day and offer a discount on that tea for purchase on our shiny new website to give as a gift to yourself or someone else. I hope it will inspire you to try a new tea or at the very least, learn something new.

So keep an eye out here, on Facebook and on the website for tomorrows First Gift of Tea and the discount code to buy for that day.

Happy sipping!

– The Chief Leaf



25 Days of Tea

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