An Obsession with Teacups…

…who’s with me?

I absolutely love a beautiful teacup. The minute I see one, I begin to visualize what tea I’ll be sipping and the mood I’ll be in as I look down at that sweet work of art. I recently purchased a stunning cup from a vendor on eBay out of Canada who has just about the best collection of vintage cups I’ve seen. Have a look at my growing collection below, and if you are a collector as well… post some of your favorites to our Facebook page!

An Obsession with Teacups…

2 thoughts on “An Obsession with Teacups…

  1. I have a tea cup and saucer that belonged to my grandmother and is one of most precious possessions. There is some sort of historical magic in the expectation of what the tea cup (its contents) promise. It is on “the lsit” to take my daughter to high tea someday.

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