Friday Slump

It’s Friday afternoon, well, late afternoon and I’ve hit a slump. Perhaps its Autumn melancholy. I dunno. BTW, I’m not blogging about tea today. It’s just a ramble…

I’ve been filling orders, answering emails, looking at the pile of mail that’s turning into a skyscraper and I’m staring into space. No energy. 😦 I’m thinking it has to be the change in seasons because I feel the need to wear sweatpants, light a fire and put on a movie. At 5:35pm in the afternoon.

I’m even finding it hard to tweet, facebook and blog. I think I need a vacation. The last official vacation I had was in January 2008. I think. I just know it was a long, long time ago. Florida Beach or Sedona, Arizona? Hmm… not sure just yet.

Since my birthday is upcoming in November, I use that as my official Happy New Year. I’m looking back over 2009 and thinking… “I’d like to shred this year in my handy dandy Fellowes Paper Shredder and put it out for recycling.” Anyone else feel that way about 2009?

I’ve got some new goals I’ll be practicing this new year. One of which includes my commitment to learn and understand compassion on a much deeper level. Someone asked me recently what I did to be good and honor myself. Surprisingly, I didn’t understand the question.

I thought for a few minutes and said, “We’ll, I get pedicures, acupuncture and… take naps and bubble baths… and drink a lot of tea. Is that what you mean?” The dead stare I got back clearly got the point across that it wasn’t.

I’ve been “meditating” on this question now for a month, realizing how important it is to find a way, each day to be good to myself – again on a much deeper level – then just a pedicure. More importantly, to be kinder to myself every single day. That means, no harsh talk about all the things I didn’t get done or focusing on the mistakes I’ve made. That’s going to take practice.

I’m also practicing taking a bit more time than usual each day to sit quietly, without my iPhone, newspaper, reading, cable tv, computer, telephone and learn to be. Have you tried it? Just sitting and being in the moment? Typing it is a lot easier than doing it.

It’s now 5:54p and the weekend is beginning. So much to do. So little time. Maybe I’ll just watch a load of movies. Starting now…

Friday Slump