Presidential Tea Illustrations

Tea Illustration by Jack Cheng (

Tea Illustration by Jack Cheng (

So, Social Media does work. While on Twitter last week when I posted the now infamous “If Obama or McCain were a tea, what would they be” question, we were approached by Jack Cheng, a tea enthusiast, to help us with the packaging of the Presidential Blends. As you can see, they are seriously fabulous!

You can find Jack at:

You buy a tea blend at :

  1. If this isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is! I personally love the one of Obama… so colorful. (No pun intended🙂 )

    So tell me – are you really doing Presidential Blends? I must run to the Pearl Teas Website to know for sure.

    How incredibly creative!

  2. tealove said:

    Thank you and Yes we are! We are testing out the taste of blends in our TeaLab now! I think you will enjoy them. thanks for writing!

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