Obama v. McCain Tea Tweets on Twitter

Should the next President drink organic tea?
Should the next President drink organic tea?

As you all know, I’m “TeaCentric” and somehow always manage to tie something back to tea. So, yesterday as I was sipping and sampling our newest blend, I had a thought about the upcoming Presidential election. Yes, Yes, I’ve been glued to the tube watching the debates just like everyone else, but my thoughts drifted back to tea. I wondered… if either party was a tea, what would they be?

So, I was Tweeting around Twitter and posed 2 questions to my followers:

1. If Obama were a tea, what would he be?
2. If McCain were a tea, what would he be?

We had some interesting replies. And since Twitter only allows you 140 characters, the responses were short, sweet and to the point. Just the way I like it. I suggested that McCain could be a Lapsang souchong – steeped well past 5 minutes.

Lapsang souchong’s flavor is strong and smoky, similar to the smell of a campfire or pipe tobacco. To me Lapsang souchong smells like bacon. This tea generally produces a strong reaction – either extremely positive or strongly negative. One man Twittered that he loved Lapsang and therefore could not sanction it as a McCain tea. His suggestion? “McCain would be a cheap brand of black tea, with chemical additives.” Ouch. I guess we know how he will vote.

I’ve no doubt that John McCain is probably a coffee drinker, but if he were a tea I could also see him as a regular English/Irish Breakfast or Keemun, given his roots and background. John was born in Panama and grew up in Northern Virginia. He is of Scot-Irish, Anglo-Irish and English descent. If he were a blend, my vote is for classic Earl Grey.

On the flip side I posed the same question about Obama. I suggested a Green tea or Herbal infusion like a Rooibos given his African roots. The tweets that came back ranged from: “Obama: maybe a Yunnan Gold, or a yummy Puerh” to “I think Obama would be a white tea (ironically) – very smooth and crisp but still with some interesting depth under it.”

While I absolutely don’t see Obama as Pu’erh, I thought it was interesting to see how others thought.  Barack Obama was born and grew up for a time in both Hawaii and Jakarta which says to me that he has an overall appreciation for tea, especially tea blends with fruit. I can see him sipping our BoraBora (green tea with passionfruit) or Makiki (named after my old neighborhood in Honolulu) which is a green tea, pineapple, papaya blend. When in need of a caffeine boost, a smooth, silky Ceylon blended with currant or blueberry. In any case, the tea would have to be organic.

This isn’t a political forum, but I have to think…

Should the next President be some who slams a man for drinking Organic Berry Tea or a man who supports and drinks organic tea?  Would it be that bad for our next President to discuss important economic and global matters with friend or foe over tea?  Remember: Tea is second only to water in worldwide consumption and the majority of the world outside the United States drinks tea.

No matter your political party: Please Vote! (and drink tea!)

(Thank you to all the peeps who tweeted with me on Twitter yesterday!)

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Obama v. McCain Tea Tweets on Twitter

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  1. Great Post! I’ll have to jump over to Twitter and add my two cents. I’ve never thought much about how a person’s personality might equate to tea. This may take some thought.


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