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An article put out September 15, 2008 by World Tea News discussed the state of the economy for the tea industry. To paraphrase:  “…the results indicate that tea businesses are doing fine, despite the faltering economy.” I’m curious to see the survey after WTN reviews the Q4. October is just a mess.

According to the survey, the average gross monthly sales over the last 12 months were the highest for tea bars which reported $43,031. Tea rooms came in 2nd with $33,126 and tea retailers were last with $17,343.

Included in the article was an interesting chart of top selling teas.

Top Selling Teas Chart (World Tea News)
Top Selling Teas Chart (World Tea News)

I wasn’t surprised by black tea as the leader at 48% and green tea falling behind at 18% but I was surprised that Rooibos wasn’t far behind green in consuption. Puer or Pu’erh was in last place with 0% – not surprising.

Top Selling Teas

2 thoughts on “Top Selling Teas

  1. Hi Nikki – Thanks for the note. I feel that once people find out there is a such thing as Puerh, it will start to make the list. Its not one of my favorites but I have had some good 10 year old Puerhs!

  2. Great post! I’ll have to check out World Tea News.

    I too am not surprised that Puerh came in last. While it happens to be one of my favorite teas, I think its the best kept secret. Not many tea lovers have ever heard about Puerh.

    Black tea… no I’m not surprised. I think everyone – even people who don’t profess to be lovers of tea drink black tea.

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