Milk Taste Oolong

Have you ever tried “Milk Taste” Oolong? If not I think you are missing out on one of the most delightful, flavorful and special teas produced.

Anyone that knows me understands my passion for tea and my absolute crazy love for Oolongs, especially Formosa Oolong. But what they dont know is my growing obsession for Milk Taste Oolong. Here’s the story…

I first tried this lovely tea while cruising the Caribbean back in February 08. A group of us embarked on what I now call the “Tea Barge to Nowhere.” The premise was to gather tea peeps and teach them about blending techniques over 5 days while visiting Mexico and Belize.  The featured guest originally planned to appear was supposed to be none other than Bill Waddington of Tea Source. I promptly signed up. The cruise was positioned to us as “the only place to learn about tea blending” and as a marketer I take my hat off to the woman who organized the event for her “interesting” marketing technique to get people on board. (More on that later in another blog.)

Bill wasnt able to make it so he sent one of his top managers: Lisa. She was lovely and knowledgeable about tea and brought some interesting samples. One of which was called Milk Taste Oolong. As soon as I inspected and smelled the dry leaf I knew I had to sample. This tea did not disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and butter the flavor was and how it was silky on my tongue. I quickly approached Lisa and asked her for a few samples to take back with me. She was unable to provide any which had me chomping at the bit to locate a source. Which I did. Im happy to say we will be adding Milk Taste Oolong to our product line by Mid-October.

Milk Taste Oolong - Dry Leaf
Milk Taste Oolong - Dry Leaf

Milk Oolong Tea or “Milk Taste” Oolong has tightly rolled leaves that range in color from a lovely bright light yellow-green to a somewhat darker green. After infusion the wet leaf was large and consisted of two leaves and a bud. The liquor yielded a light yellowish liquid with milky sweet aroma that is unrivaled. Its smooth, buttery taste with lingering sweetness is delightful. I wish there were a way to upload smell and flavor.

Infused leaf and liquor
Infused leaf and liquor

While at the World Tea Expo in May, I asked many vendors about how this tea produces such a creamy taste. Many were hush-hush as if it was an ancient chinese secret. From what I have gathered, this tea is produced by a very special hand process from Taiwan. Tea leaves are plucked at a specific times of the year with specific temperature, altitude, and soil conditions to get the milky silky texture. Milk is used during the process.

I highly recommend Oolong teas and if you are a fan and haven’t tried this special tea, I encourage all of you to experience this truely wonderful tea.

Milk Taste Oolong

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