What’s the difference between Green tea and Jasmine tea?

That was a question asked of me yesterday when I was at the Interact 2008 2-day conference in Washington DC. I was talking with Rohit Bhargava, one of the speakers, at the happy hour after the event. While its true, that my day job consists of graphic and web design, and the crazy world of advertising… most of my “other” time is spent drinking tea, learning about tea and selling tea. Any chance I get to talk tea is a treat.

So poor Rohit made the mistake of asking me the simple question: “What’s the difference between Jasmine tea and Green tea?” which of course sent me into a “tea-state” where I think I rambled on for a good 5 minutes about it.

It was a good question and one I’ve never been asked before. Basically, jasmine tea is really green or pouchong tea scented with jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night. When, the flowers bloom in the evening the full fragrance comes out. The flowers are layered over the tea leaves which is called the scenting process. The quality of Jasmine tea is determined by the quality of green tea used and the effectiveness of the scenting.

Jasmine tea is one of my favorites. It reminds me of when I was traveling through Thailand…

Anyway…Rohit is pretty darn cool and knows what the scoop and then some on technology, Social Media and Marketing. And now he knows what jasmine tea really is. Check out his blog and new book!


What’s the difference between Green tea and Jasmine tea?