Cynthia Gold, Blending and Tea Cocktails

Just returned from my 2 day summit to Asheville for the Southern Association of Tea Business Owners where the featured speaker was none other than Cynthia Gold, Chef and Tea Sommelier for the Boston Park Hotel. The conference was held at Kathleen’s Tea Room. Cynthia was amazing and generous with more information that I could have ever imagined. She talked and demonstrated cooking techniques with tea. We also learned more about the nuances of blending. First up was liquid blending which involves steeped tea and “mixing” one or two together to tast the combination. We then moved on to dry blends. She set out a long table of teas, herbs, and fruits and we embarked on test blends.  My test blend ended up being an Oolong with lemongrass and hints of lime.

By the end of the conference, around 8p in the evening Cynthia conjured up some amazing cocktails with tea infusions. My favorite being Gin infused with Jasmine. Having never had Gin I had nothing to compare it to, but I will say that I think I found a new favorite cocktail. Move over green tea martini!

Cynthia Gold

Cynthia Gold, Blending and Tea Cocktails

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