Hawaii and the Tea Market

I was really excited earlier this year when I found out that there was a Hawaiian Tea Tasting at the World Tea Expo back in May. Having lived in Hawaii for 5 years, I consider it a second home and I’m always interested and eager to “talk story” with anyone from the islands.  I was eager to meet the couple who started the plantation and trying to make an entrance into the tea world.

I sat among many professionals and well respected tea peeps in the industry, and I tried not to let their comments sway me while sampling the first batch of teas from the Big Island. I found many of the flavors of the teas sampled young, not as complex as I would like but not bad at all. I think there is tremendous potential. I think that with time, Hawaii will be able to make a statement.

I feel strongly that as a someone in the tea world its important to support new ventures. The husband and wife team out of Honolulu will get mine.

Hawaii and the Tea Market

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