Sante Magazine + Cynthia Gold Review our Darjeeling!

We received word by editor Emily Gold, Associate Editor at Sante Magazine that our Darjeeling made the cut and was included in their review of Darjeeling Teas. Being newbies in the US Tea Market, we were very pleased to be among so many other wonderful tea companies.

Cynthia Gold, Tea Sommelier of The Boston Park Plaza Hotel on Darjeeling Teas:

“Darjeeling is a classic, fully-oxidized black tea that is grown at 6,000 feet in northeast India. Certain flavors and aromas are consistent throughout high-quality production, but the grower and the terroir bring out wonderful, subtle differences that make exploring this versatile black very fulfilling. Spring or first flush, which is harvested in April, is prized for its subtle astringency, beautiful aromatics, and bright, lively character with delicate floral tones. Summer or second flush, harvested in May and June, exhibits deeper flavor development and fuller, richer aromas. Autumnal Darjeelings usually exhibit more developed nuttiness and muscatel. When making selections for your tea menu, keep in mind that the finest teas are an ephemeral joy. Each season will bring some special and memorable teas, but as with virtually all styles of tea, freshness is key. Teas bought in bulk and stored lose freshness—and therefore the very qualities that make them unique. This is the most important reason for blends; they allow a consistency from season to season that does not happen with single-estate unblended teas. Ideally, a tea list would be regularly reworked to choose what would best pair with a seasonal food menu, as well as to highlight some of the exciting teas available at that time of year. Darjeelings typify this with tremendous levels of seasonal and regional estate variation. The purveyors who have offered teas for review have supplied specific unique harvests, as well as house blends, that can be expected to offer ongoing consistency.” —Cynthia Gold

And what she said about ours:

Pearl Teas: Second Flush Darjeeling, ‘Wondertea’/Gopaldhara Estate: Rich red-sienna coloring with good aromatics of muscatel and a touch of hazelnut. Good astringency with cinnamon, apricots, and a sweet lingering finish of currants. (Pair) Nice ripe Brie.
Pearl Fine Teas
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Obviously I’m biased, but I will say that our Darjeeling is fabulous and we agree with Cynthia! We’ve got quite a loyal following of Darjeeling drinkers who keep coming back for more.

Sante Magazine + Cynthia Gold Review our Darjeeling!